Right of Withdrawal

Right of withdrawal

DADA SOFTWARE SRL, Via San Vito 12, 00029 Vicovaro (RM)[ITALY]

Under Article. DL 206/2005. if the customer is a consumer - so an individual - has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without any penalty. This right must be exercised within 14 working days of receipt of goods.

To make the withdrawal must send a registered letter (return receipt requested) or telegram with the request signed DADA SOFTWARE and when the return is accepted will receive the information for returning the goods and for full refund.
The material Reso must be undamaged and complete the original packaging, manuals and any attachments.
The Return of Digital Software / Production Key sent by ESD, then via email, IS CANCELLED

So to recap, the return will not be accepted in these cases:

  • Deterioration or loss of goods during transport
  • Absence of the original package and the various internal wrappings
  • Even partial lack of internal documentation and attachments / accessories
  • Electronic licenses delivered by Digital / Electronic
  • Damage to the object itself

The law also excludes the right of withdrawal for the following materials:

  • Goods that are consumed quickly in time and that they lose value
  • Products Audio, Video and Software that are opened from the original package
  • For paper material such as newspapers and magazines
  • For gaming and lotteries