-What is a license ESD?
It's a quick key distribution system (Production Key) that is sent via email so reducing costs due to packaging and shipping, to have competent prices.

-Goods purchased are originals?
Certainly, every product is original and activated at any time. You will also have a help for all kinds of problems can be found in the installation and activation, in addition to many guides on the site (constantly updated)

-How can I contact you in case of problems?
On this site you will find all contacts that may serve: emails specific to each problem, phone, skype and even private messages on facebook from our page.

-Which payment methods are available on Dada Software?
You can pay with any major credit card via our secure circuitry paper X-Pay YOU, then you can also pay by bank transfer.

-Is it possible to have a quote if I purchase multiple software simultaneously?
Dada Software has an automatic discounts up to 100 pieces, as can be seen in every part of it. If you plan to purchase more than 100 pieces we can make a quote request with the appropriate button in the product sheet, or by sending us an email at ordini@dada-software.it

-If I have problems with some product what kind of technical support will I have?
For every problem there is a technician willing to help, which is available from Monday to Friday from 14 to 19, to solve technical problems (we offer assistance remotely with TeamViewer) and also for questions and information about the products we sell. You can contact us by email, phone or Skype, you find everything in the contact section

-Personalized offers for resellers who are registered with VAT number?
Yes, we have a dedicated price list you can find all the info at this link:

-What is the difference between an ESD version, COA, DVD BOX and KeyCard?

The ESD version as written above, is a code that is emailed to you, all other versions have a physical shipment: The COA is a sticker that is usually applied on PCs with written above the product key, the DVD BOX (or System Builder) is a box containing the DVD and product key and activation key card is a card with the above product key activation for that product. Usually the KeyCard is used only for Microsoft Office

-To install Windows purchased from you, I have to format the PC or can I do it as an upgrade?

You can do it either way, just to update is an upgrade and downgrade not, for example, you cannot install a Windows DVD 7 If your pc Windows, you have to know 10 format. The advice we give always is to always do a clean install of Windows, then format your PC and install it from the Bios (I leave a link to the Guide to do it http://www.aranzulla.it/come-entrare-nel-bios-del-pc-allavvio-14569.html ), doing so you will lose all data saved on your pc, then I copy them to other Hard drive/Pen Drive or burning them.

-In Company I have a connection in PROXY, can I activate Windows and Office normally?
For PROXY connections you have to proceed with thephone activation, as written on the microsoft site, so the pc must activate Windows must stay OFFLINE and after entering the product key, use phone activation (below is a guide explaining how to do it) If you try to do an activation code online with the Proxy connection the product key is blocked and no longer usable.


Activate over the Internet

Once you have installed the operating system and connected to the internet, just enter the code purchased when prompted or you want to do it later, just go to:
Control Panel-> System-> Enter Production Key


-Install the right version: for example, if you purchased a license Windows PRO version, you have to be careful that during Setup you choose that version, not the Home, Ultimate, etc.. otherwise the code is not recognized.

-Use the CD or ISO provided by us for the installation (or at most once a source Microsoft) avoiding the versions found on the net about Torrent or similar, because although you have a genuine license, some versions found in the net are incompatible.

-During code entry, especially in this period where there are free upgrades to Windows 10, it may happen that the Microsoft servers are blocked, so there is a latency. This means that you have entered the code to Microsoft late arrivals and with multiple submissions simultaneously and then gives you an error like code that is already in use. In this case just make telephone activation as written below

Here is a list of errors and solution about activating Windows

If you have encountered problems installing the CD or ISO and you have inserted the code multiple times, Microsoft may block it, because it recognizes it as a multiple installation. In this case, please use telephone activation as explained in the guide below.

Activation by phone (Offline)

If you are unable to activate online, you can choose to activate Windows 7 using an automated phone system.

  1. To open Windows activation, click Start, right click Computer, click Properties, and then click Activate Windows now.
  2. Click Show me other ways to activate.
  3. Type the Windows Product Key and then click Next.
  4. Click use the automated phone system. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation,.
  5. In the drop-down list, select the nearest location and then click Next.
  6. Call one of the telephone numbers listed. You will be guided through the process of activation by an automatic system.
  7. When prompted, enter the installation ID that is displayed on the screen using the telephone keypad.
  8. Write down the confirmation ID you received from your system.
  9. Type the confirmation ID in the space provided under step 3 in the activation window, click Next, and then follow the instructions.
  10. If activation fails, stay on the line to speak with a customer service representative.
  11. Once the operation is highly recommended getting a screen with the codes entered, so if in the future you can insert them without redoing the problems detected still call (test screen below)


If you have problems with these procedures, we offer remote assistance from our offices. Installed on your PC the free TeamViewer software (https://www.teamviewer.com/it) and contact us at this email address: help.amazon@dada-software.it (for Amazon) and help@dada-software.it (for customers in the site), indicating the email your problem and a contact number where we can reach you and possibly hours where Favorites being contacted. Will be contacted as soon as possible and through TeamViewer we will try to solve your problem.


FAQ support-free upgrade to WINDOWS 10

- What is the free update to Windows 10?
Microsoft has decided to give free Windows 7 to all 10 owners of Windows Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update regularly activated, if the device has installed the necessary technical characteristics.
This update is a complete Windows, not a demo or limited versions and may be performed by 29 July 2016

-What should I do to upgrade my Windows to Windows 10?
There are 2 ways of doing this, one is to click the icon at the bottom right of the taskbar, an icon called "Windows" and from there select "book", "update now" or "update".
The other method is when setting up a new PC, where you can choose 3 options written before.
If you want to reverse an upgrade you can do so by clicking windows app icon and then go to "check the status of Windows Update" you can cancel them out.

-When will you upgrade to Windows 10?
After making one of the steps written in the previous point, the system will check if your pc is fit for the new system and usually takes a few days, at most a week. After that you will receive notification of the update ready, you'll have the option to do it right away or schedule it in the future.

-How long does it take to upgrade to Windows 10?
The time required varies depending on your pc. After the end of the download (this also depends on your internet connection) the average pc takes about an hour to catch up to 10 Windows, however if you have an older device may take a little more.

-What version of Windows I will install 10?
The version depends on the one you have currently enabled on your pc for example, if you have Windows 7 Home, you will be upgraded to Windows 10 Home, if you have Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows will be installed 10 Pro. (The Ultimate version of Windows 7 will update to Windows 10 Pro)

-What happens if I have no memory available to upgrade?
If you have a 32 gig hard drive or less, it may not be enough to upgrade to Windows 10, in this case during the installation you will be asked to free up space or to insert a flash memory (USB Pendrive e.g.) to complete the installation process.

-If I buy a new PC running Windows 8.1, can I upgrade it to Windows 10?
Obviously Yes, although many new pc already installed in the new operating system. If you buy a new PC, you can upgrade it with no problems.

-10 will be available In Windows Media Center?
Unfortunately no, Windows Media Center is not included in the 10, however you will be given a new free software DVD player that will automatically be installed with the update.

-Who has Windows Phone version 8.1 update is available?
Not at the moment, but we are working to make it available as soon as possible

-After doing the upgrade, I can reinstall Windows 10 in the future?
Of course, the same hardware can reinstall Windows 10 without a Product Key to turn it back on.

-After upgrading I can do a downgrade to revert to the old version?
It can be done in 2 ways:

  • If it's been less than a month after upgrading to Windows 10, you can return to your previous version of Windows > Settings > Security Update and Restore from.
  • If your PC manufacturer has provided a specific option, you may be able to reset the settings of the device manufacturer.
  • If there are no options to revert to the manufacturer, you can use the installation media and Product Key to install an earlier version of Windows.